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Grief Triggers: Traveling Into The Grief Unknown

Traveling in space you never know what you'll find. Sure there are some things you already know about, but what's scariest are the things you DON'T know about. The things we don't know about make it hard to prepare. Hard to know what we're looking at in our navigation screen. Hard to keep moving into... Continue Reading →

The Astronaut That Found Her Air Supply: Anxiety & Grief

I promised a quick crash course about fight or flight/anxiety and grief in my last blog post, so here goes: Anxiety is a pretty big piece of the puzzle when it comes to grief. I've discussed my own experiences with anxiety and my unhealthy coping strategies I used for years before coming to a place... Continue Reading →

Waiting for Lift Off: Anticipatory Grief

You've finished your training, years of preparation and you're ready for your first flight into space. Strapped into a space shuttle, waiting for lift off, you're staring at a control panel full of buttons that you were taught to use, you know what they do and how they work. You hear the countdown and fear... Continue Reading →

Because grief is like a galaxy

It’s dark. It can be lonely. It’s wide open space that seems non-navigable. We can continue to break this down, and I will, but first I want to introduce myself. I am a person in grief, and I always will be. This is important to note because this is a point I really want to... Continue Reading →

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