Welcome to The Grief Galaxy, providing a safe space for people to learn, discuss, support and process their way through grief. Our mission is to create a culture where grief is normalized, de-stigmatized and understood by the masses in order to have honest discussions regarding grief and support those who are trying to navigate their very own grief galaxy. The writer and owner of this site is a mental health clinician and a person navigating grief of her own. Now, lets talk grief!

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DISCLAIMER: Although I am a professional in the mental health field, this blog is for educational purposes only, based on my own personal experience and taken from other resources as cited. The information provided in this blog should not be seen or used as clinical or mental health advice and/or treatment. This blog should not be seen or utilized as a replacement for counseling services or mental health treatment of any kind.  Always consult with a mental health professional before relying on any content presented in this blog for any purpose. This blog includes my views and opinions and does not reflect the opinions of other providers or organizations that I may be affiliated with. The information provided in this blog is accurate and truthful to the best of my knowledge, but may contain omissions, inaccuracies and/or mistakes. As the owner of this site I reserve the right to change the content or purpose of this blog without notice. This site is not monitored regularly, if you are in an emergency situation please contact 911, your local police department, mobile crisis or emergency room.

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